Child Programs (6-12 yrs)

Special Notes

Thunderbird CC takes photographs of our programs.  Please indicate on the program consent form during registration if you wish your child to be included/or not included in any photographs.

Children under the age of 8 are not permitted to be left in the community center unattended and must be accompanied or picked-up by an adult, 16+ yrs.

Late Pick Up Policy

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure that children under the age of eight are picked up as soon as their program has ended. There will be a late fee per child of $1 each minute for a late pick up.

233246Build-a-Comic 8-15 yrsSep 10Dec 35:45PM6:45PM815TuMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre65.00
233239Creative Chaos 8-14 yrsSep 10Dec 34:30PM5:30PM814TuMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre65.00
233224Magic Carpet Ride 6-9 yrsSep 10Dec 33:15PM4:15PM69TuMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre65.00
233248Mini-Magazine WorkshopSep 10Dec 37:00PM8:00PM815TuMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre65.00
230897Piano Lessons (Friday) - 3:30pmSep 13Dec 63:30PM4:00PM518FrMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230898Piano Lessons (Friday) - 4:00pmSep 13Dec 64:00PM4:30PM518FrMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230899Piano Lessons (Friday) - 4:30pmSep 13Dec 64:30PM5:00PM518FrMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230900Piano Lessons (Friday) - 5:00pmSep 13Dec 65:00PM5:30PM518FrMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230901Piano Lessons (Friday) - 5:30pmSep 13Dec 65:30PM6:00PM518FrMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230902Piano Lessons (Friday) - 6:00pmSep 13Dec 66:00PM6:30PM518FrMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230903Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 10:00amSep 14Dec 710:00AM10:30AM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230904Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 10:30amSep 14Dec 710:30AM11:00AM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230905Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 11:00amSep 14Dec 711:00AM11:30AM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230906Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 11:30amSep 14Dec 711:30AM12:00PM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230907Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 12:30pmSep 14Dec 712:30PM1:00PM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230908Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 1:00pmSep 14Dec 71:00PM1:30PM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230909Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 1:30pmSep 14Dec 71:30PM2:00PM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230910Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 2:00pmSep 14Dec 72:00PM2:30PM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230911Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 2:30pmSep 14Dec 72:30PM3:00PM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230912Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 3:00pmSep 14Dec 73:00PM3:30PM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230913Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 3:30pmSep 14Dec 73:30PM4:00PM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230914Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 4:00pmSep 14Dec 74:00PM4:30PM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230915Piano Lessons (Saturdays) - 9:30amSep 14Dec 79:30AM10:00AM518SaMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre195.00
230918Violin Beg. Private LessonsSep 14Dec 710:00AM10:30AM518SaPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230919Violin Beg. Private LessonsSep 14Dec 710:30AM11:00AM518SaPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230920Violin Beg. Private LessonsSep 14Dec 711:00AM11:30AM518SaPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230921Violin Beg. Private LessonsSep 14Dec 711:30AM12:00PM518SaPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230922Violin Beg. Private LessonsSep 14Dec 712:00PM12:30PM518SaPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230923Violin Beg. Private LessonsSep 14Dec 712:30PM1:00PM518SaPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
233800Dance ExtremeSep 9Dec 23:30PM4:30PM712MoSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre49.50
233802Little Ballerinas (3-5yrs)Sep 14Dec 710:00AM10:45AM35SaSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre49.50
233803Little Ballerinas (6-9yrs)Sep 14Dec 710:45AM11:30AM69SaSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre49.50
233804My First Dance Class (2.5 - 4 yrs)Sep 14Dec 79:15AM10:00AM24SaSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre49.50
230932Drum Lessons - 4:30pmSep 10Dec 34:30PM5:00PM518TuSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230933Drum Lessons - 5:00pmSep 10Dec 35:00PM5:30PM518TuSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230934Drum Lessons - 5:30pmSep 10Dec 35:30PM6:00PM518TuSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230935Drum Lessons - 6:00pmSep 10Dec 36:00PM6:30PM518TuSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230936Drum Lessons - 6:30pmSep 10Dec 36:30PM7:00PM518TuSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230937Drum Lessons - 7:00pmSep 10Dec 37:00PM7:30PM518TuSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230938Drum Lessons - 7:30pmSep 10Dec 37:30PM8:00PM518TuSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230939Drum Lessons - 8:00pmSep 10Dec 38:00PM8:30PM518TuSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230924Guitar Lessons - 5:00pmSep 13Dec 65:00PM5:30PM718FrPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230925Guitar Lessons - 5:30pmSep 13Dec 65:30PM6:00PM718FrPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230926Guitar Lessons - 6:00pmSep 13Dec 66:00PM6:30PM718FrPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230927Guitar Lessons - 6:30pmSep 13Dec 66:30PM7:00PM718FrPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230928Guitar Lessons - 7:00pmSep 13Dec 67:00PM7:30PM718FrPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230929Guitar Lessons - 7:30pmSep 13Dec 67:30PM8:00PM718FrPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230930Guitar Lessons - 8:00pmSep 13Dec 68:00PM8:30PM718FrPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
230931Guitar Lessons - 8:30pmSep 13Dec 68:30PM9:00PM718FrPreschool Room - Licensed (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre130.00
233809Kinder Time - LiteracySep 12Dec 53:30PM4:30PM35ThMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre45.50
230948Drawing - IISep 12Dec 53:30PM4:30PM512ThCraft Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre45.50
230950Drawing ISep 10Dec 33:30PM4:30PM512TuCraft Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre45.50
230951Pastel & DrawingSep 12Dec 54:45PM5:45PM512ThCraft Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre45.50
230949Watercolour & DrawingSep 10Dec 34:45PM5:45PM512TuCraft Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre45.50
233117Pro D Day CampOct 25Oct 259:00AM3:30PM612FrGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre25.00
233119Pro D Day Camp - Nov 8Nov 8Nov 89:00AM3:30PM612FrGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre25.00
233813MCKids MinecraftSep 16Dec 23:30PM5:00PM810MoComputer Lab #1 (Main Floor) at *Thunderbird Community Centre120.00
238269Aspiring Chefs 8-10 yrsSep 14Dec 712:30PM1:45PM810SaKitchen - Multipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
238279Dinner Ideas for Pre-Teens 11-13yrsSep 14Dec 73:30PM4:45PM1113SaKitchen - Multipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
238272Fun in the kitchen 10-12yrsSep 14Dec 72:15PM3:30PM1012SaKitchen - Multipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
238268Mini Chefs 6-8 yrsSep 14Dec 710:45AM12:00PM68SaKitchen - Multipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
238263Snappy SnackersSep 14Dec 79:15AM10:30AM45SaKitchen - Multipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
230593Head Start Math - Gr. 1 & 2Sep 11Dec 43:30PM4:45PM67WeFamily Activity Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
230594Head Start Math - KSep 9Dec 23:30PM4:45PM56MoFamily Activity Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre33.00
230595Homework Support - Gr 4-7Sep 13Dec 63:30PM5:00PM813FrFamily Activity Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre13.00
230596Young Phonics - Gr. 1 & 2Sep 12Dec 53:30PM4:45PM67ThFamily Activity Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
230597Young Phonics - KSep 10Dec 33:30PM4:45PM56TuFamily Activity Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
238241Young Readers Club!Sep 11Dec 44:30PM5:30PM68WeMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
238258123, ABCsSep 14Dec 71:45PM2:45PM46SaCraft Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
238261I know Letters 4-5 yrsSep 14Dec 712:30PM1:30PM46SaCraft Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
238256Math Made Fun 10- 12 yrsSep 14Dec 710:30AM11:30AM1012SaCraft Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
238250Math Made Fun 7-9 yrsSep 14Dec 79:15AM10:15AM79SaCraft Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
238257STEM ItSep 14Dec 73:00PM4:00PM58SaCraft Room (Basement) at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
233905Yoga for kidsSep 11Oct 304:00PM5:00PM190WeSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre48.00
233801Hip Hop BreakersSep 14Dec 711:30AM12:30PM612SaSmall Activity Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre49.50
230804Kids Tai ChiSep 7Nov 2311:00AM12:00PM60SaMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre30.00
233810KarateSep 12Dec 56:00PM7:15PM619ThGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre97.50
232392Kung Fu - Eagle ClawSep 11Dec 44:00PM5:00PM612WeMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre78.00
230631Swim & SkateSep 11Dec 45:00PM9:00PM813WeThunderbird Lobby (Main Floor) at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
233797Rhythmic GymnasticsSep 13Dec 64:00PM5:00PM46FrGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre58.50
233798Rhythmic GymnasticsSep 13Dec 65:00PM6:00PM712FrGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre58.50
230618Badminton 8-10 yrsSep 9Dec 26:00PM7:00PM810MoGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre16.50
230628Floor HockeySep 11Dec 46:00PM7:00PM57WeGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre16.50
230629Floor HockeySep 11Dec 47:00PM8:00PM810WeGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre16.50
230634Saturday SoccerSep 14Dec 710:00AM10:50AM57SaGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
230627Soccer 6-8yrsSep 11Dec 45:00PM6:00PM67WeGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre16.50
230619BasketballSep 10Dec 36:00PM7:00PM912TuGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre19.50
230626BasketballSep 10Dec 35:00PM6:00PM68TuGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre19.50
230633Preschool All SportsSep 14Dec 79:10AM10:00AM57SaGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
237136Break Thru Academy 10-13yrsSep 12Dec 55:00PM6:00PM1013ThGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre0.00
234991Volleyball 8-12 yrsSep 9Dec 25:00PM6:00PM810MoGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre16.50
230617Badminton 11-13 yrsSep 9Dec 27:00PM8:00PM1113MoGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre16.50
235285Girls RockSep 13Dec 67:00PM9:30PM1325FrKitchen - Multipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre0.00
240141ESL with VeronicaSep 11Dec 410:30PM12:00AM160WeMeeting Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
233904Chair YogaSep 11Oct 302:45PM3:45PM190WeMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre48.00
233902Hatha YogaSep 11Oct 306:30PM7:30PM190WeMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre48.00
233903Yin YogaSep 11Oct 307:45PM8:45PM190WeMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre48.00
233805ZumbaSep 9Dec 26:00PM7:00PM160MoMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre60.50
232398Adult Line DanceSep 10Dec 37:30PM9:00PM190TuMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre52.00
240331Karaoke in ChineseSep 12Dec 512:00PM3:00PM190ThMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre12.00
230802Tai Chi Kong Fu FanSep 5Nov 218:15PM9:45PM190ThMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre36.00
230806Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan 24 stepsSep 7Nov 239:00AM10:30AM190SaMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre42.00
232393Kung Fu 13+Sep 11Dec 45:00PM6:00PM13100WeMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre78.00
238282ComputersSep 10Oct 89:30AM11:00AM190TuComputer Lab #1 (Main Floor) at *Thunderbird Community Centre15.00
238283ComputersOct 15Nov 129:30AM11:00AM190TuComputer Lab #1 (Main Floor) at *Thunderbird Community Centre15.00
238284ComputersNov 19Dec 109:30AM11:00AM190TuComputer Lab #1 (Main Floor) at *Thunderbird Community Centre12.00
230718Basketball 19+Sep 11Dec 48:10PM9:50PM190WeGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
238281Indoor SoccerSep 10Dec 38:10PM9:50PM190TuGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre39.00
230717Pickleball 19+Sep 9Dec 28:05PM9:50PM190MoGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre1.50
238285Senior's Line Dance IntermediateSep 11Dec 412:30PM2:30PM550WeMultipurpose Room at *Thunderbird Community Centre32.50
230702Computer Lab Drop In for Adults & SeniorsSep 11Nov 61:00PM3:00PM190WeComputer Lab #1 (Main Floor) at *Thunderbird Community Centre0.00
230716Pickleball 55+Sep 14Dec 73:00PM4:45PM550SaGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre1.50
239643Artists' ShareSep 10Dec 103:00PM6:00PM1100TuThunderbird Lobby (Main Floor) at *Thunderbird Community Centre0.00
230713Fitness CentreSep 2Dec 319:00AM10:00PM00Mo Tu We Th Fr SaFitness Centre at *Thunderbird Community Centre0.00
230714Fitness Centre OrientationsSep 5Dec 191:00PM3:00PM00Mo ThFitness Centre at *Thunderbird Community Centre0.00
230706Parent and Tot GymSep 14Dec 712:00PM2:00PM06SaGymnasium at *Thunderbird Community Centre2.00


Program Age Dates Days Time Instructor Cost Categories
Program Age Dates Days Time Instructor Cost Categories
Thunderbird Now accepts Debit and Credit Card

You’ve read that right Thunderbird now has a Moneris machine and with it now accept over the phone registration.

Hours of Operation

Fall Hours begin Tue Sep 3

Monday – Friday:  9:00am-10:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am-5:00pm
Sundays & Holidays: Closed

Labour Day: Mon Sep 2
Thanksgiving: Mon Oct 14
Remembrance Day: Mon Nov 11

Holiday Closure: Dec 21 – Jan 1 (Open Thu Jan 2, 2020)

*The office closes 30 minutes before the centre closes. The Fitness Centre closes 10 minutes before the Centre closes.